Raymond Rahme- A Brief History

Games are plentiful in general. But not all games turn much interesting; similarly, every game has some techniques commonly to be played. Very few players turn playing the games much professionally, irrespective of nature of the game. Poker game is a game which is played worldwide. Also, professionals can only lead the game very rightly.

One such professional player includes Raymond Rahme. Raymond was born in 1945. He turned out to be the South African player. Moreover, it was the first time, when he turned reaching the final table as the first African who ended up with finishing in the third place. He made more money than compared to any other African tournament Poker players present. He placed his seat in the 2007 Main Event by turned finishing 4th at All Africa Poker Championship which turned out to be the largest poker tournament ever played on the African continent. This was the reason; he got much popular and also turned winning more amounts due to this.

Successful businessman:
Also, Raymond left his school by the age of 15. Though, he has not completed his studies, he turned successive by becoming a successful business man, by involving in construction, car dealership, etc. he turned playing this game online, as an online poker as a member of Team Poker Stars under the screen name Ray Rahme. Team Poker Stars turned sponsoring his trip to WSOP. He was introduced to this online poker game by his fellow friend after his retirement in 2006. But, his statement was that he did not like the online poker. But, it’s his contract that insisted in playing 60 hours a month. He has made 3 cashes at WSOP account which earned him more. According to him, internet poker is impersonal, where no control can be over the game or opponents.

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