Poker Profile – Carlos Mortensen

Carlos mortensen is a great poker player in the world and he started the poker in April 15, 1997 at Madrid. And he also knew as EI Matador that means he is only one of the two players to win the world poker tour title and the world series of poker event. In 2001 he took three 1st places consecutively in the main tournaments and he also won the 32nd annual world series of poker in that year. The Carlos is one of the most perilous no limit Holding players of the poker world. In 1990, mortensen moved from his birthplace Spain to the United States and he played live poker tournaments. He also obtained two poker bracelets in the world series of poker tournaments (WSOP). Recently he got 36th placed in the EPT event and won $39,000 in January 7, 2013.

In March 3, 2011 Carlos attended the WPT main event where he got the 3rd place and he won prizes of $640,680. In that year June 4, he participated in the $5,000 no limit Hold’em in which he won $33,540. In this same month of June 9, he joined the $1,500 no limit Hold’em triple chance, in that he obtain $7,453. And he also participated in various events or tournaments and won more prizes in the same month. The main events were conducted on December 11, in that tournament he got 71st place and he also won $11,942. Mortensen has completed the world series of poker in which he got 26th place and Carlos gain nearly $4,790. After he finished these he participated in the 43nd world series of poker, from this he won prizes of $5,295 and attained the 20th place in the year of 2012.

Thereafter he got 83rd place in the LA poker classic WPT event season 10 tournament in which he won $1,440. In January 7, 2012 Carlos attended the pokerstars Caribbean adventure in which he got the WSOP championship among all players. From this, he obtained $22,500 prizes and also won the 94th place in that series.

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