Poker Player Richard Cole goes missing in Netherlands

The friends and family members of Gloucestershire man Richard Cole are getting really worried for his benefit after he went missing in Netherlands. Cole was journeying from Copenhagen to Assen via capital city of Amsterdam. But he has not been seen or heard since 25th January, Monday, 2 a.m. GMT. The Thorbeckepleim region of the city was his last known place.


Cole, known to be an experienced traveler, had been drinking in Amsterdam with a few new people who he had earlier met. His girlfriend, Alicia Marie, was the last known person he contacted. While speaking to BBC, Las Vegas native Marie told that he had been out with some people he had just met, and this is very common for Richard because he is very friendly. He just said to be careful, please go home, get a cab. They got off the phone and he texted him a picture of his address to show his cab but it never went through.
She also tried to reach to her boyfriend via text message and via Apple Facetime, but she could not reach her. She further added that she imagined that he turned off his phone or his phone died. Throughout the night, when she was at work, she attempted to Facetime him and also tried to text him, but nothing really cracked.
The Dutch police have gone through CCTV cameras and have conducted inquiries in the region, but as of now they have no information regarding Cole’s whereabouts.

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