Phillips Confident Of California Online Poker By 2018

California is still looking at who will be the online poker dealer even though its neighboring state Nebraska has hosted the first online bracelet event in 2016.

There are a few bills about the online poker still lying in the legislature and California is waiting for the bills to get passed as soon as possible.

Dennis Phillips is of the opinion that the few obstacles that are in the way of commencing the California online poker will soon be solved. All the parties want to have the poker scenario in California State and they just need to solve two hurdles that are in the way. The two issues that are sprucing up every time are whether to give permission to the bad actor clause and whether to allow the race tracks.

PokerStars is very much interested in California State and also had recently sent its representatives to meet the Californian legislators as to give an insight as to what the legal online poker can offer from the state. The Viejas tribe did not take this well and instantly came out with an ad to attack PokerStars. Dennis is hopeful that everything will fall in place soon and soon California will see legal online poker. Everyone will be able to see the benefits of bringing in the PokerStars to California.

Phillips said that the integrity of PokerStars and the money that the online poker can bring in will make the legislators give the final nod to make online poker legal in the state. Phillips said that he is more worried about race tracks, causing a lot of problems than the actor bad clause. Phillips is sure that the online poker will happen in California but does not believe that it will be possible in 2017. He has earmarked 2018 as the year when California agrees on legally allowing online poker.

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