Erwann Pecheux : A Super Tracking Poker Player

Erwann Pecheux is a poker player from France. This player is a very sharp and an intelligent poker player.

This player has very unique poker playing skills and he is also a very good and a professional poker player. This player plays the game with all of his concentration in the game only he is never distracted by any of the obstacles. He is a very intelligent man. Each game he plays with the winning spirit.

He started playing poker at a young age when he was in the school. He first played for his home town for the national level and then when he won for his city then he showed more interest and played for the nation level at the beginning he could not shoe his performance but then when he got mixed up with the situations he stated playing with full his skills and showed the world he is the best and can also do more better.

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888Live Festival In London

888poker has started a new festival known as 888Live festivals.

The start or the first event is being held in London in October this year. The total prize money is about $500,000 and more. It promises to be better and bigger than any of the live events in power that are held till date.

The ambassador of 888poker is Kara Scott. The festival kicked off with October 11th and it will continue till 23rd, about eleven days at Aspers Casino. The prize pools being offered at this festival event is expected to be more than what has been offered at live events till date. There are celebrity players like Sofia Lövgren, Chris Moorman and Dominik Nitsche, who are supposed to make appearances.

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Poker Player Richard Cole goes missing in Netherlands

The friends and family members of Gloucestershire man Richard Cole are getting really worried for his benefit after he went missing in Netherlands. Cole was journeying from Copenhagen to Assen via capital city of Amsterdam. But he has not been seen or heard since 25th January, Monday, 2 a.m. GMT. The Thorbeckepleim region of the city was his last known place.


Cole, known to be an experienced traveler, had been drinking in Amsterdam with a few new people who he had earlier met. His girlfriend, Alicia Marie, was the last known person he contacted. While speaking to BBC, Las Vegas native Marie told that he had been out with some people he had just met, and this is very common for Richard because he is very friendly. He just said to be careful, please go home, get a cab. They got off the phone and he texted him a picture of his address to show his cab but it never went through.

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Grand Final €25,000 High Roller Day 2 of 2015 PokerStars EPT ends with Russian Andrey Andreev poised for the title

The EPT Grand Final €10,600 Main Event of 2015 PokerStars and Monte-Carlo® Casino is on its last leg and the final table has been set with a dozen players remaining in the €25,000 High Roller.

It is a single entry tournament, which had caught the attention of 215 entries, consisting of 162 unique on Day and 3 on Day 2 and 42 reentries on Day 1 and 11  reentries on Day 2 to a total of 53.
This has generated a prize money pool of €5,267,500 and the eventual winner will be pocketing a cool €1.114 million eventually. Ten levels of play saw 12  poker players remaining at the table and the best chances of winning the title is poised for Andrey Andreev, the Russian businessman and amateur player with a stack of 2.27 million  in possession to make the pitch for top place.
There are other players in contention and they include Charlie Carrel with 1.534 million, Jermey Ausmus with 1.126 million, Martin Jacobson and Steve O’Dwyer with 628,000 and 356,000 respectively. The day’s action began with a few players joining the fray at the last moment, but Vanessa Selbst, Phil Ivey and Gus Hansen were not among them, as they were seen in Monaco. Out of the hundred plus fields of players only 31 among them would have the opportunity of earning a pay.
There were some players who did not have anything to show, and they included Mustapha Kanit, Daniel Colman, Mike “Timex” McDonald, Faraz Jaka,  and Philip Gruissem, the defending champion, and more from the Team PokerStars such as Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier, Eugene Katchalov, Liv Boeree and also Daniel Negreanu, stood eliminated owing to short of chips.

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Garland leading at Hollywood Poker Open Charles Town Main Event, Moneymaker fails to make the cut

The Charles Town Regional Main Event of the Hollywood Poker Open Season 3 starting Saturday attracted 118 poker players to the Hollywood Casino, located at Charles Town Races, West Virginia.

Only a dozen players remained after 14 levels of play, and they were hunting for the first prize of $35,803. The winner would also get the $2,500 seat for the Championship Event to be held in June at the M Resort Casino, Las Vegas.

Ronald “Rooster” McDonald from Fort Valley, Virginia’s took the lead early and held it throughout the day, winning hand after hand amassing 300,000, the first player to score over the number. HPO ambassador and 2003 World Series of Poker Main Event champion Chris Moneymaker made a late surge that took him to the last level of play, but it was not destined to be Moneymaker however.

He lost heavily with Mike Axen with straight runner-runner flush, and also found himself at the wrong end with Carl Garland of Leesburg, Virginia, at huge full-house-over-full-house when the play was at its fag end. Garland with this result garnered the overnight chip lead followed closed by Axen. Moneymaker busted out minutes before close of play for the day going from zero to zero.

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Dani Stern a varied poker player with new ideas

We can see record of this player in all the poker tournaments. Card player who likes to play at the Hold’Em events, we can see the series of poker tournament where he has played at the poker for cashes as well for playing the poker game.

Status in World Series of poker tournament is really good. He has played at the world series of poker tournament. He has won $1,233,234 casino in the entire poker tournament where he has played till today. He is a poker player who has won total casino of 24 casinos in the entire poker tournament. Player has teaching techniques to get large number of poker tournaments. Card player who loves game and not cashes. We can learn new techniques that can help him achieve targets in very less span of time.

World Series of Poker Tournament:

At the world series of poker tournament he played in his in his own style. Dan played winning $1, 23,345 cashes at the world poker tournament. A poker player has won total 11 cashes at the entire poker tournament Card player who has made the game interesting when he was 3 final Table. He is aplayer who has played at the world poker tournament. Card player has played at this tournament. Card Player that has won 1 cashes in the poker tournament. Dan is a player who has scored very well at this Tournament.


European Poker Tournament:

Dan has won $73,342 poker cashes at the entire European poker games. He is aplayer who has made the game with great skills. He has played at the many game s but he has good performance at the European poker tournaments. He is a player who has made the game really hard when it is game of poker. Card player has won 3 cashes in the European poker tournaments.