Karen Mengden: A Unusual Poker Player

Karen Mengden was born in united state. Karen Mengden is a doctor by profession and is also married. Sixteen years ago she started playing Poker in the year 2002. She played her first poker tournament in the year 2002 in Las Vegas the event was Hall of Fame Poker Classic. In this event she scored 2nd year. Her price money in this event was $6,490. After this event she got disappeared.

Karen Mengden returned in the year 2008. She came back after a long time gap. In the year she played the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Championship 2008 in Las Vegas. In this event she scored rank of 569th. Having scored such a low rank also she won nice price money of $23,160. After winning these events her life changed in a way that she stopped playing poker. This was her last poker tournaments that she played till now. After this event she was not register for any other event.

Karen Mengden was a smart player. She played well the two events. If she wanted her would have scored better rank and earned more money in the game of poker. Karen Mengden total income/earning through poker are $29,650 which includes all the poker tournaments she played till now. Karen ranking according to deferent tanking is quite good. According to the United States All Time Money List her ranking is 18,521st which bit low. Next, according to the All Time Money List Current Rank her rank is 35,327th which is too low as compared to the tournaments that she played. After this, according to All Time Money List Best Rank her rank is 6,500th which is again a nice as compared to the other ranks that she got. At last, according to the Popularity Ranking her rank was 6,746th which I guess is ok as she didn’t played not much tournaments and her score was also good in that.

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