Internet poker is back to the state

Chris Christie, the governor of New Jersey, has stated that internet poker would be back to the state soon. According to online poker bill, now it is legal to play Internet poker at New Jersey. Till now, people are not allowed to play any gambling game in New Jersey. But Chris Christie will pass the bill soon if certain changes are made to the law. There will be certain changes in tax amount also from ten to fifteen percent. The fix amount will be used to fund the gambling program in the state.

PokerStars is taking immense interest in online gaming for New Jersey. According to latest news, there is one Rational Group that will support both Full Tilt poker and PokerStars in the city. The group has also made a deal to buy Casino hotel at Atlantic City. But deal may be stretched if bill will not be passed by the governor Chris Christie. There is nothing sure about the deal because New Jersey is very tough to deal with when it comes to gaming. This Monday, Borgata announced that hotel guests are allowed to gamble in their room with their friends and life partner. If technology is available then same opportunity can be extended to their mobile phones also.

Nevada is also lacking behind when it comes to internet gaming. This is the right time for New Jersey to make one step ahead. According to a clause in online poker bill, it is possible to take wager from one place to other. You can also take wagers from other countries if those countries allow it. This would be a huge boom for New Jersey State. We are hoping for quick changes by Chris Christie, the governor of New Jersey. The change will definitely bring the positive economic growth in the state.

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