High Stakes Poker S06E10 – 2-4

Dennis Phillips Online video Score: 5 / five

12 Responses to “High Stakes Poker S06E10 – 2-4”

  1. Michel Smiffi says:

    WTF?? Doyle had QJo in a not-yet opened pot and folded?? QJ is a very
    playable hand in any game, much more in a multi-handed cash

  2. leanjhuls says:

    Why was it that Phil Laak only played during the last parts where they’d
    have new set of players next episode and wouldn’t be there. That’s silly.

  3. JackOfClubs777 says:

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  4. bibbbydybabbbydyboo says:

    Exceptional check/raise by Elky there. Most players would just bet in that
    spot but he correctly figures that David pretty much has to bet anything he
    called the flop with except for his overpairs. So most likely he’ll have a
    worse full house, a straight or a flush that will have to bet and might
    call because Elky could easily bluff check/raise the river trying to fold
    out a hand like that. Well played, Sir.

  5. 77DonkeyKong77 says:

    matusow is such a pr1k

  6. Julian Longoria says:

    Eli is a f***ing badass… Even Dwan’s scared of him !

  7. martysparty2042 says:

    shut up Mike

  8. bibbbydybabbbydyboo says:

    @feanor687 I’m not saying it’s hard to put DB on a range here. What’s cool
    about this hand is how Elky max valued against it.

  9. arsch ficken says:

    @dmanik not

  10. jamie nixon says:


  11. skupernation says:

    david benjamin

  12. bibbbydybabbbydyboo says:

    In the Dwan-Eli hand I wouldn’t see much sense in betting the king of
    diamonds. Durrrr will almost never have a flush after checking the flop as
    the PFR. And he’d never check KJ or KQ either. He might check KA/T/7 as
    he’s got showdown and maybe K9 that he chooses not to c-bet because the
    board texture is likely to connect with his opponents hands. Ah well
    allright there are some hands he could play like that and would v-bet on
    the river. I guess a bet wouldn’t be that bad. Blah ^^