High Stakes Poker S06E10 – 1-4

Dennis Phillips Video clip Score: five / five

9 Responses to “High Stakes Poker S06E10 – 1-4”

  1. greg sim says:

    @toreman81 for the record, its 9 3 suited. and that’s how he wins money
    idiot, if daniel wasn’t in the hand he would have won the pot without
    anyone seeing the flop and letting their marginal hands gain value. go
    learn some real poker before you criticize pros out there.

  2. k0rk1 says:

    come on GSN bring him back. we miss you AJ 🙁

  3. OzBoy196940 says:

    at 6:00 shame on you Doyle for saying “oh here I am again” after you fold
    and 3 players are in the hand. Out of character shitty etiquette for the
    old man! He’s starting to lose his marbles. I love the dude and totally
    respect his game. But that shit just ain’t ever done in poker. It’s just as
    evil as a slow-roll. Shame on you Doyle. 😉

  4. toreman81 says:

    @gsxy92 why don’t we post our ftp/stars whatever site u play on screen name
    and then we can see who can go learn some real poker huh?

  5. drki90 says:

    Gabe: ”There are suited conectors Mike was waiting for,so he can throw
    them away”….LMAO, I love Gabe 😀

  6. memyselfandeye3 says:

    Wasnt High Stakes offering AJ Benza enough money ??? C,mon, lets get that
    dynamic duo back together, u wouldnt split up the Blues Brothers would you ?

  7. toreman81 says:

    well done tom fucking dwan for 5betting with 93OFFSUIT and pushing out 2
    big cash game hands u fuckin idiot would of been a mssive pot otherwise

  8. bibbbydybabbbydyboo says:

    @pp0u1110 A bit sexist, aren’t you? -__- Btw I’m not saying that AJ wasn’t
    a good counter-part for Gabe, but in terms of…umm…usefulness Kara
    clearly outdoes him. Interviewing players about certain hands or general
    stuff seems more valuable to me than announcing bet-sizes and laughing at
    Gabe’s jokes. Although the talk between them surely did add something. I
    think Gabe + co-commentator AND Kara Scott as an interviewer would be

  9. ekko808 says:

    I miss AJ Benza. Gabe sounds like he needs someone to talk to.