High Stakes Poker s06e01 – 3-5

Dennis Phillips Online video Score: 4 / five

8 Responses to “High Stakes Poker s06e01 – 3-5”

  1. Oliver Jon Cross says:

    It might be a stupid question but why did Dwan fold his 5,2 for 6k when he
    had an open ended straight draw?

  2. VicenzoV says:

    Listing to Gabe telling jokes to himself is just creepy. It would be nice
    to have AJ there so he could laugh…

  3. k0rk1 says:

    i miss AJ =(

  4. uFiredragon says:

    …or did I get Durrrred. :))))

  5. JasonRygus says:

    Gabe is frigging awesome, but it’s not the same without AJ 🙁

  6. kola0907 says:

    i miss aj’s laughs…

  7. FlushitTV says:

    Bring back AJ!!!!!!!!! Gabe needs a sidekick. We didn’t like AJ at first
    but he grew on us!

  8. MegaDannyboy90 says:

    i wunt last 30seconds with kara scott