Dennis Phillips

Dennis Phillips is a professional poker player who was born in the year 1955. He is one of the most senior poker players from the United States and he hails from St. Louis in the state of Missouri. He stated playing poker from a very young age and he has been playing poker for the last 30 years almost. When he started playing poker, even the best players in the current poker circuit were not even born. Like most people who have been enormously successful in poker, he has enjoyed a very bright academic career. Math was always his strong point and he was always good with numbers.

Dennis Phillips chose a career which made him deal with numbers; he became an accountant with a private firm. He studies accounting at the University of Missouri and graduated with a very good mark sheet. He was also performed exceedingly well for the company he was working for and was playing poker at the same time. He was always very good with numbers and that made him so successful in poker. He has been playing poker from a very young age and hence he has learned all the tricks of the trade. He has a very unconventional approach to the game and hence his opponents find it very difficult to gauge him. He started playing at a very young age, he mostly started playing with his parents and hence he has been playing for a long time.

Dennis Phillips has been idolized by many young poker players because of his signature style and trademark approach. He has been a prolific performer and has given a lot to the game. He has played in the World Series of Poker and has made many money finishes. He also has the perfect poker face and his expressionless face has been very well known.

Dennis Phillips has made a lot of money and has been playing well for a long time. He has also worked hard to popularize the game. He still is a dedicated worker in the accounting from he has worked in and he has also been awarded and honoured for his dedicated service towards the company. He has also been a great philanthropic person and he has donated generously to several social causes. He has worked hard in the field of social cause and he has worked towards the upliftment of the downtrodden people of society.

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