Dennis Phillips

Born in the St. Louis metropolitan area of Missouri, Dennis Phillips spent his formative years in the Midwest of the country and this is where he spent his adult years also. He started his career as an accountant and moved on to the game of poker within no time. He did not last much as a manager of the trucking company as his heart was elsewhere. He loved the game of poker since early childhood and had always wanted to become a poker player. This is there reason why he could not set himself in any other role. It did not take him a long time to make the change.

Even when he was studying, he used to play the game and won at the local level. This was a great learning lesson for him and from here only he had learnt the tricks on how to play the game to win. One day, he just decided to quit his job and went on to play at the live games. This ensured that he did not have any fixed income and at the same time, his heart was set to playing the game and winning. When he started playing the game at a low level, he knew that he could win big and this was the time when he moved his stake higher and did what he enjoyed the most; playing the game of poker.

What was once a hobby turned out to be a full time profession within no time for him and he loved to competition which offered him the challenge which he was always looking for. His passion for the game of poker enhanced his abilities which make him the match winner within no time. Whenever the opportunity arose for him to win games and earn, he never lost it.

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