Atlantic Casinos Showed Increase Revenue

Division of New Jersey Gaming Enforcement released the gaming revenue results and the result shows hike in revenue.

The results were taken from the previous calendar year as well as December, and to the surprise Atlantic City’s casinos collectively showed an increase in revenue, this is the first time it has happened that Atlantic City’s casinos has shown an increase in revenue.

The increase in revenue is not the outcome of any advertisement, but it is the result of online gaming. The revenue from online gaming has increased the overall revenue of gaming in New Jersey. In the year 2016, the win for total gaming for casinos made up to $2.406 billion. The total revenue was slightly down from the total of 2015 which was $2.414 billion. On the other hand, the win of the internet gaming was $196.7 million, which is 32 percent more than last year.

This has helped the Atlantic City Casino’s to have an increase in overall revenue. The last time when Atlantic City Casinos generated big revenue was 2006. In this year, it touched the highest figure of $5.2 Billion. But, after that, the casino’s revenue never touched this figure. On the contrary, it was failed touch even the half of the figure even after several efforts. On the top of that, there was always decrease in the number was seen.

The reports of last year showed declines of 6.5 percent and it was consistent year after year. Despite that, five casinos of City showed a profit. The City has the total of 8 Casinos. In the year 2016 also, only two casinos Harrah and Caesars showed decline in overall revenue.

After receiving positive figures, the authorities of the casino said, the numbers are great motivation to work even better and more.

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