Several High-Stakes Poker Players Report Being Hacked

Many poker players of high-stakes took to Twitter couple of days claiming that they have become the victim of hacking and their accounts has been hacked.

Among those who become the victim of hacking were, Vanessa Selbst, Cate Hall, Dan Smith and Vanessa Rousso were some. They have complained that hackers have hacked their account details like cell phone number and the Twitter accounts.

Dan Smith was also one of the victims and he was the first one who raised this issue, he Tweeted his plight adding humor reflecting his latest run at the PokerStars SCOOP.

Polk released a video on YouTube breaking down the situation, some of the victims have had calls from hackers on their cell phone number and how they are being targeted to get the access of account.

In the video Polk says, “Now the hackers have the phone number of people and they can text or call whoever,” Polk via YouTube said. “You know a lot of accounts do online verification through SMS. Consider a situation where I have lost my account password and I wanted to recover it.

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Phillips Confident Of California Online Poker By 2018

California is still looking at who will be the online poker dealer even though its neighboring state Nebraska has hosted the first online bracelet event in 2016.

There are a few bills about the online poker still lying in the legislature and California is waiting for the bills to get passed as soon as possible.

Dennis Phillips is of the opinion that the few obstacles that are in the way of commencing the California online poker will soon be solved. All the parties want to have the poker scenario in California State and they just need to solve two hurdles that are in the way. The two issues that are sprucing up every time are whether to give permission to the bad actor clause and whether to allow the race tracks.

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Atlantic Casinos Showed Increase Revenue

Division of New Jersey Gaming Enforcement released the gaming revenue results and the result shows hike in revenue.

The results were taken from the previous calendar year as well as December, and to the surprise Atlantic City’s casinos collectively showed an increase in revenue, this is the first time it has happened that Atlantic City’s casinos has shown an increase in revenue.

The increase in revenue is not the outcome of any advertisement, but it is the result of online gaming. The revenue from online gaming has increased the overall revenue of gaming in New Jersey. In the year 2016, the win for total gaming for casinos made up to $2.406 billion. The total revenue was slightly down from the total of 2015 which was $2.414 billion. On the other hand, the win of the internet gaming was $196.7 million, which is 32 percent more than last year.

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Erwann Pecheux : A Super Tracking Poker Player

Erwann Pecheux is a poker player from France. This player is a very sharp and an intelligent poker player.

This player has very unique poker playing skills and he is also a very good and a professional poker player. This player plays the game with all of his concentration in the game only he is never distracted by any of the obstacles. He is a very intelligent man. Each game he plays with the winning spirit.

He started playing poker at a young age when he was in the school. He first played for his home town for the national level and then when he won for his city then he showed more interest and played for the nation level at the beginning he could not shoe his performance but then when he got mixed up with the situations he stated playing with full his skills and showed the world he is the best and can also do more better.

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888Live Festival In London

888poker has started a new festival known as 888Live festivals.

The start or the first event is being held in London in October this year. The total prize money is about $500,000 and more. It promises to be better and bigger than any of the live events in power that are held till date.

The ambassador of 888poker is Kara Scott. The festival kicked off with October 11th and it will continue till 23rd, about eleven days at Aspers Casino. The prize pools being offered at this festival event is expected to be more than what has been offered at live events till date. There are celebrity players like Sofia Lövgren, Chris Moorman and Dominik Nitsche, who are supposed to make appearances.

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Poker Player Richard Cole goes missing in Netherlands

The friends and family members of Gloucestershire man Richard Cole are getting really worried for his benefit after he went missing in Netherlands. Cole was journeying from Copenhagen to Assen via capital city of Amsterdam. But he has not been seen or heard since 25th January, Monday, 2 a.m. GMT. The Thorbeckepleim region of the city was his last known place.


Cole, known to be an experienced traveler, had been drinking in Amsterdam with a few new people who he had earlier met. His girlfriend, Alicia Marie, was the last known person he contacted. While speaking to BBC, Las Vegas native Marie told that he had been out with some people he had just met, and this is very common for Richard because he is very friendly. He just said to be careful, please go home, get a cab. They got off the phone and he texted him a picture of his address to show his cab but it never went through.

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